I found Lisa and Off Your Plate Nutrition through a web search and her individualized approach really resonated with me. Lisa is a skilled coach who helped me to gain insight into the difference between emotional hunger and true hunger.

Her guidance helped me to finally end the restrict, binge, repeat cycle I was stuck in for so many years. I have happily said goodbye to diets. I now trust myself to monitor and respond to real hunger and to meet my emotional needs without food. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in making a long-term change.
— K.P. // Client
You have a lot to offer women who are struggling with being mindful with food and being gentle with themselves. The part about being kind to myself and not beating myself up about eating really stuck with me.

Knowing I can eat whatever I want, as long as I know why I’m eating it and what the feeling is behind it. I’m not focusing on weight so much as being happy with myself and doing things I enjoy instead of eating.<
— K.W. // Client
I feel like we poked around the remnants of an old smoking fire and found a small ember. I thought my fire was dead and now it’s coming back. I have hope again. Our talk has reconnected me with the hope for a better me.
— B.C. // Client

I’m finally free of this tyranny and can enjoy being in the kitchen again.

- H.K. // Client

Off Your Plate Nutrition and Mindful Eating coaching with the renowned Lisa Kehler is the greatest gift anyone can do for themselves. Our relationships with food are often complicated. She guides you away from the old engrained practices of dieting that never ultimately work, we all know this deep down. She compassionately, with brilliant insightfulness uses her many years of intense studies and practices, to masterfully coach you through the life changing awareness and knowledge of Mindful eating practices. This becomes an intuitive, life balancing way to healthfully nourish our body, mind and ultimately spirit. Lisa is a master at this delicate art. Truly, my life and feelings around food, now have a fresh positive place in my inner psyche. Diets are archaic, Mindful eating is forever.
— M.C. // Client

I was fortunate to be randomly paired with Lisa as a learning partner in our WellCoaches Training Program. Within 5 minutes of talking to her I jotted in my notebook...”I want her to coach me”. In addition to being very knowledgeable and experienced Lisa displays the core skills and attributes of an excellent coach. She is a careful and reflective listener; is compassionate and conveys empathy in her conversations; she brings joy, playfulness and zest to her coaching sessions. Having Lisa as a learning partner and coach has been invaluable to me in my personal growth and learning.
— MS.I. // Client